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WiRE Microsystems partners with Microsoft for Startups

WiRE Microsystems partners with Microsoft for Startups

We are very delighted to announce that WiRE Microsystems, with three of our unique solutions, XMACHINE, Hot Watcher, and Ransomware Filter, has partnered with Microsoft for Startups.

Microsoft for Startups is a comprehensive global program designed to support startups as they build and scale their companies.

Microsoft, the tech giant, will provide WiRE Microsystems with massive technical, business, and sales support; this includes accessing plenty of Azure cloud resources and selling alongside Microsoft salespeople and partner channel.

WiRE Microsystems will provide Azure cloud with solutions that will enhance its capabilities, reducing downtime and increasing data security. This comes within WiRE Microsystems’ vision for a world of single-second self-recovering computers free of permanent data loss under any kind of security attack or system failure scenario.

WiRE Microsystems - Microsoft for Startups - Partnership - Mohamed Ashraf's Quote
Mohamed Ashraf’s Quote regarding the partnership between WiRE Microsystems and Microsoft for Startups

We’ve got your back !

Having our solutions at your company will save you from permanently losing a single byte of data and waiting for support to get back your machines up & running after system failure. We have your back even in the event of permanent machine startup failure, BSOD situations, cybersecurity attacks, and poor performance of your machines. We help you maintain the highest level of system and data availability with our unique business continuity and cybersecurity solutions.


WiRE Microsystems XMACHINE is capable of performing a true and complete system recovery process in less than a single second, in order to eliminate system downtime and maximize data safety. Also, being always available on the low level machine startup, gives it the advantage of performing, even in permanent system failure and BSOD situations. XMACHINE has an AI-enabled edition that makes ATM machines and unattended servers extremely error-aware to perform single-second self-recovery on errors.

Hot Watcher

WiRE Hot watcher is capable of performing a true real-time data backup upon insertion, modification or any other defined live backup triggers, very smart filters and time intervals. Since the backup destination uses non-compromisable protection mechanism of ours and the backup engine is controlled by the server side, data is 100% guaranteed to be safe under malware attacks. And with file version history enabled, users are always able to retrieve back the latest valid versions of the infected files or users could even continue working on the urgently needed files via remote access with non stop.

WiRE Ransomware Filter

With our own developed algorithms that can recognize the ransomware attack from the very first file mal-encryption incident (which means no problem if you already have our Hot Watcher running), our upcoming cybersecurity solution can prevent ransomware hit more files with real-time filesystem monitoring.

Stay tuned, there is always more to come.


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