WiRE Microsystems XMACHINE - The World's Fastest System Recovery Solution - One Click. One Second. Everything is perfect again.


The WORLD's FASTEST System Recovery Solution!

WiRE Microsystems XMACHINE, The WORLD's FASTEST system recovery solution. The world's first one second disaster recovery

Computer startup screen after installing XMACHINE

This is what you see whenever you press the power button to start your computer after installing XMACHINE.

See How !

Did you suffer one or more of these ?

Blue Screen of Death

The worst nightmare ever!

Slow Performance

When you start to hate everything

Losing files while repair

Your sensitive work files, Best Moments photos and more ..

Software Corruption

When an application stops working and starts only to show errors.


When your innocent computer becomes a danger !

Update Failure Crash

When you cannot use your computer and the last thing you remember is an update message

And then, let the misery begin!

Call for Help

Call your system administrator to put your issue on his schedule!

Wait till repair is done

Wait for several minutes/hours/days to get your machine fixed!

Privacy Risk

Whoever will repair your machine will access any of your personal files!

Try Troubleshooting

Get lost inside tons of recovery tools & usb sticks / DVDs

Lose Your Money

Pay repair costs and lose your money for the downtime

Work Interruption

A down computer = unfinished work

Welcome to the Future !


The Earth's Fastest

- XMACHINE has the WORLD'S First SINGLE-SECOND System Recovery Process


- 24/7 - Always Available on Computer Startup.


- At Work, School, car, plane or even in bed!

A Built-In Engineer

- You'll never need to call anybody for help.

The Easiest Ever

- A single Click to assign a preset - A single Click to recover.

No Hardware Stress

- XMACHINE Doesn't consume your computer resources or laptop battery.


- You'll never call anybody to fix your computer.


- Get free support along your subscription period.

Save Your Money

- Save frequent / Unreasonable repair costs.

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About WiRE Microsystems

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A system that would bring back your machine to life with only one mouse click can sound like a dream. However, WiRE Microsystems is turning this dream into reality. We are a tech company that was established in 2016 and it is specialized in innovative cybersecurity and business continuity solutions. WiRE Microsystems was awarded by the president of Egypt, H. E. Mr. Abdelfattah Elsisi himself to be the only startup who received the world Youth forum award in 2018. Our flagship product, XMACHINE, is the world's fastest system recovery solution that requires only one mouse click to perform a complete system recovery.

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